MDEK1001 as geo fencing

Dear all,
I’m new here.
I would like to buy the MDEK1001 but first I need some info.

First of all, I already know that MDEK1001 includes 12 configurable boards, tag or anchor.
In my application, I have to specify a single anchor node and several tag nodes (say 11).
Is it possible to build an infrastructure in which I could simulate a geo fencing, also known as, secure bubble?
In details, all the tags need to stay fixed on the ground and a mobile anchor moves following a path (dashed line).


My goal is to determine, for each tag, when the tag itself hears or not the mobile anchor.

I want to realize that programmatically…

Let me know :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

Hi bettisfr,

Yes it should be doable. In such a configuration, each tag will give you the distance to the anchor. I would recommend to use a listener as well to retrieve information from all tags to a single point, probably with the anchor if it is what needs to get the range information. Unfortunately, the anchor will not provide information.

You will have to develop custom software for the geofencing as it is not provided with MDEK software.


Thanks for the reply.
I have another question.
Since my anchor is “mobile”, is it possible to send the actual GPS position of the anchor to all the tags?
Maybe using a raspberry…

Hi bettis,

I think it can’t be done with the current software.

It may be possible with the next software release (keep an eye on the forum, it should be released from mid Q2), but not sure how difficult to implement.


I’ll check :wink:

I have another question about those antennas.
I already have the previous evaluation kit (evk1000-evaluation-kit).
That modules assume to have a maximum range of about 300 m on the line of sight.
Testing them on a real outdoor scenario just fixing one of the two antennas on a wall 1.5 m above the ground,
I managed to obtain on the display of the second antenna the value of 200 m (one time for one second!!).
On average, I manage to have values of about 60 meters on the line of sight (60 compared with 300 is not very good).
Anyway, 60 meters is anyway a good deal for my purposes.

The question now could be the following.
I read that mdek1001 is able to reach rangings of about 60 meters.
So, at this point, is 60 m a reliable value?