MDEK1001 and DWM1001-DEV

I have a question, is there any difference between the development board in MDEK1001 device and DWM1001-DEV device? I have DRTLS Manager R2.apk installed on my tablet configured for Android 10, but why can’t I find DWM1001-DEV powered up when I search the device? What is the problem? Can you build a real-time positioning system only with the development board in the MDEK1001 suite?

Hi Andrew,

The MDEK1001 devices and DWM1001-DEV are the same.

Try to check

  • That the DWM1001-DEV devices do contain firmware - connect via USB and open a serial terminal. See documentation for more information.
  • If you still cannot find them via the DRTLS Manager then try to list the Bluetooth devices in your phone. You should see devices with name starting with DWxxxx where xxxx is the device ID. If this still fail then I would try another Android device.
  • PANS 2.0 software that is supplied with the MDEK1001 / DWM1001-DEV is a good RTLS to start with. This hardware is good for evaluation but not suitable for industrial application. You start with it and then decide what you really need later on.
  • You can also create your own RTLS, but it is a complex task if it has to be scalable, reliable, low power, easy to deploy and compliant with regulations.


Thank you very much for your reply, which is of great help to me. I have tried to write PAN 2.0 to dwm1001-dev, and it successfully shows the RTLS I want to build. My problem now is that I want to take a look at the underlying code of the dwm1001-dev board and see how far it allows me to change it. I would like to be able to change the algorithm for the positioning of the TAB to the extent that otherwise I can’t use it to complete my research.

PANS 2.0 is not open source so you cannot modify it.
In case you need a custom algorithm, you can start from the available samples of deca driver and twr examples.
I’m like you, interested in uwb algorithms research, there are not many complete solutions available open source and even less free. Localino I think sell you the Arduino sources when you buy their solution.

Hello, thank you very much for your reply. But I’m not quite sure what you mean. Am I unable to change the program on the DWM1001-DEV board? I looked at the source code contained in the package provided on the official page, but found nothing about the algorithm. If you are also interested in the algorithm, I hope to talk to you more. And if you can give me some guidance, I would be very grateful!

Yes, I’ll be glad to help as I’m learning myself.
First you have to know that the source code provided by Decawave on zip packages or on github are something completly different than the PANS lib.
In the packages PANS is provided as binary lib only with no source code, even that version is different than the ready to flash hex binary.
In short, Decawave provides a very good demo application (for info I’m not from Decawave just a forum member) but it is not intended as basis for custom positioning applications. For that, either you have enough resources and knowledge to do it yourself, or you can contact a Decawave partner, they offer you any custom service you need.
If you have no money or work in academic projets that rely on open source and free libraries, then we can join efforts, as I’m starting such an implementation for open source positioning framework

I am very happy to have your help! Now I am a graduate student and have just come into contact with the direction of UWB indoor positioning, so I have no basic knowledge. I plan to take it as my research direction in school, and I am very interested in it. How do I get started? I need to create my own algorithm about indoor positioning of UWB, and then use DWM1001 to verify my algorithm, or provide me with data as theoretical basis. Can I use the DWM1001 to fulfill my needs? What was the last link you attached? Is RTLS based on UWB technology? How can I use this website? Thank you again!

Sure, I’m myself doing research on UWB and writing open source software for it, so any help for testing or contributing is welcome. The website above has a survey of existing uwb open source software.