MDEK1001 & accelerometer questions

iam using MDEK1001 modules for elevator application in which we intend to monitor both position and acceleration for an elevator cabin . i have been experimenting the modules for about a month and here are my questions,
1-what is the exact precision in NLOs condition & How do you define the LOS or NLOS conditions ?
2- I found that the max power consumption for the tag is 154 mA as referred in DWM1001 Datasheet but i cannot find any specification for the anchor power consumption ? we bought the rechargeable LI-IOn 3.7 v battery it is indicating 650mAh so for how long it will survive!!
3-while using position commands like “les” its [color=#32485f][font=Montserrat, Arial,] continuously[/font][/color] running with different quality factors so my question is the position calculated with Q=100 is the correct one or we should calculate an average for all results ? & why it is changing knowing that nothing has been changed …!
4- i verified all the forum answers & it is clear that it is impossible to have position data using a listner with only 1tag/1anchor configuration but is there any possibility to launch a firmware who makes that possible ot at least minimizes the number of anchors needed for the listner?
5-iam also interested in the accelerometer results , but the only way to monitor the acceleration is having the tag itself connected to USB port ! is there a way to have the acceleration from another node (a listner mode or an initiator for example) ?
6-for the acceleration conversion in terms of (g ) i read all the registers and found that they are configured with FullScale 2g ,50HZ data rate , high resolution mode (12 bit o/p), and 1mg/digit sensitivity so thats why iam converting the o/p for example at x=16256
so x after conversion is =(16256/16)x1=1016mg/1000=1.016g.
am i using correct method or not !!

sorry it is too long but i would do really appreciate ur help .
thanks in advance