MDEK1001 1 Anchor, 1 Tag

“Mdek1001 system user manual” shows the system can be set up to provide distance only between a single anchor and tag (Section 6.1 “1 Anchor + 1 Tag”).

It states “PC can capture ranges between 2 devices …”

What command do I use from the PC to read the range between the connected Tag and an Anchor? I was advised previously no ranging information is calculated if there are less than 3 anchors, but this advice contradicts what I read in the manual.


If you set one node as anchor/initiator and the other as tag, then connect to the tag over the USB virtual serial port and use either the “les” or “lec” commands to show the measured range between the anchor and tag.

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Typing ‘les’ and ‘lec’ just takes me to a new blank ‘dwm>’ prompt.
I have done everything the manual said to do and also the other commands like ‘si’ seem to work fine.
Any idea what I am doing wrong?

Have you ensured that it is configured as an active tag and not as a listener? I have tried this and it has worked. However, it does not seem to work when I have 1 tag + 1 anchor + 1 listener configuration, as the listener does not report the tag’s location/distance.

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So the problem was I did not set the uwb to be active for both the tag and anchors.
I kindof assumed it would do that by default.
Thanks for the help