MDEK1000 range and accuracy


I’m starting a POC project and would like ask some questions regarding the MDEK1001 kit:

  1. What would be the estimated range of the system on a closed environment given that at least 3 anchors are in line of sight at all times?
  2. I read the accuracy is typically under 10 cm, I’m assuming that the factors driving this are obstacles and maybe distance to anchors. Is that correct? Any recommended setup to increase accuracy?
  3. I also read that the maximum update rate is 10hz, is that a hardware or software limitation?
  4. What are the key differences between the MDEK1001 and TREK1000 kits? Does one have more accurate chips than the other?

Thanks! And sorry if the questions are too dumb, I’ve just found out about UWB. :slight_smile:

Thanks Zoran!