MDEK kit with self programmed DWM1001C

I have a MDEK kit.
I also have DWM1001 module and program it with factory firmware image “DWM1001_PANS_R2.0”.
Then make a network using the DRTLS app.
the network is based on the following
4 Anchors from MDEK kit.
1 Tag based on the MDEK kit.
1 Tag based on DWM1001 (which I program it with factory firmware image “DWM1001_PANS_R2.0”)

But only 1 tag (MDEK based TAG) able to calculate its location.
While the self-programmed based TAG is not localized.

It seems that the MDEK kit is not accepting tag that does not come with MDEK KIT.
Is there any way to add this tag in MDEK KIT?

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Did you configure the PAN ID of the self-programmed tag? Can you verify the firmware is running using e.g the serial interface?

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No I didn’t configure Its PAN ID.
How Can I get/set PAN ID for MDEK kit.
As I can see my self-programmed tag’s PAN ID with TVL commands.
Here is some details of self-programmed TAG

Hello Ans

Please refer to the DWM1001 Gateway Quick Deployment and DWM1001 System Overview documents (also available in the DWM1001 support package under DWM1001/Product_and_Design_Documents).

The PAN ID should be correct since it’s listed in the same network in the app. The app automatically sets the PAN ID when adding nodes to a network, it is named “Network ID” in the app, so 0xDA5C in your case. Could you verify the firmware version is the same for all nodes? If not, updating the firmware of the other devices or downgrading your custom tag should work.

Are the tags in the same location? It might be your custom tag does’t see enough anchors…