MDEK/DWM 1001 Ranging


I am currently conducting ranging experiments between two DWM1001 modules outdoors. However, I am not able to achieve the same range as mentioned in the datasheet.

I am able to get a range of upto 40m, however, the modules at this distance communicate intermittently. The intermittent behaviour starts at around 30 m itself.

My experiment involved placing the anchor and the tag on the ground.

Is it not possible to achieve localisation and ranging in outdoor environments with these modules?

Would mounting of the anchor points high up make ranging better?

I could find any option to increase the transmit power of the tag/anchor. Is there any way to increase this?



Hi Vinay,

We have successfully experimented outdoor ranging between two DWM1001 up to 60m. This performance is highly dependent on the setup and environment, but in theory it should be possible to achieve outdoor localisation with the DWM1001.

I would recommend to mount the anchors high up,maybe at 1.5-2m, and vertically since it provide best antenna radiation patterns. The tag should also be vertical if possible.

It is not possible to modify the default configuration of Channel 5, 6.8 Mbps and default transmit power when using DMW10001 with PANS software.

Thank you,

Hi Yves,

I shall try with a different height and report the results on this thread.