Mdek 1001dev flashing

Do we need any other device to flash the mdek boards? I need to write own code. Help me regarding this

In short: No.
You can check out Qorvos quick-start guide here. Just plug it into a PC via the micro usb port and you should be good to go. You need software to communicate via UART tho, something as PuTTY (See page 7 of the quick start guide).


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I have tried with J flash. but it showing cannot connect to Jlink. please help me regarding this factor

Please refer to the MDEK1001 Kit User Manual (link). Starting at page 36 (Chapter 7) it is explained how to connect to your DWM1001 via USB.
Follow the instructions step-by-step and check, wether JLink is shown in your device manager.
What exactly showed the error “Cannot connect to Jlink”? You don’t have to open JLink or anything related to it, you just need to install JLink with its driver, identify the DWM1001s COM port once it’s connected to the PC and then use Tera Term (or any other UART terminal program) to connect to the device on the right COM port.

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