Maybe a dumb question but how do I zoom in or out in a schematic?

I know I can use the space bar to zoom to fit. What if I have 8 hierarchical blocks in my schematic and I would like to zoom into say a port label on ONE of the blocks. How do I do this? Thanks.

Cursor hover schematic

  • Mouse scroll wheel : Zoom IN/OUT
  • Spacebar : Zoom to Fit

I’m using a 3 button laptop, so no scrollwheel. I’ll have to figure out how a scrollwheel is done on my Dell Precision. Thanks.

For my Dell laptop touch pad : two fingers on pad, move front and back is equivalent to scroll wheel action.

In Windows Touchpad Setting, you can enable or disable that

OK. I’ve figured it out. Used to using 2 fingers on my smartphone, so now it makes sense. Sometimes it’s the simple things that catch me out. Thanks.

Hi Kelvin

Is there anyway to zoom in/out and pan the waveform viewer?