Maximum Transmit Power in DW1000 vs DW3000


I have 2 questions for Tx power of DW1000 and DW3000.

  1. In DW1000 datasheet, there are information to adjust Tx power, but in DW3000 datasheet, there are no information in detail about that. Is it possible to adjust Tx power up in DW3000?

  2. I did modify the register ‘REG:01:0C - TW_POWER’ to 0xFE in DW3000, and then measure the Tx power on spectrum analyzer, that result is about -45.45dBm.
    But In DW1000, I did modify Tx power register to 0x1F, I think that value is maximum, that result is over -41dBm.
    Are there some differences about Tx power of DW1000 vs DW3000?
    I think DW3000 could not more increase Tx power than DW1000.

Please tell me your think.

Thank you.

Hi @eddiekku,

  1. It is possible to adjust the TX power of DW3000. You can find that information in DW3000 user manual, section in the link below.

  1. DW1000 has a better maximum transmit power level compared to DW3000. Did you use the same channel when you compared the two of them?

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Hi, @Emre_Ozbas_Qorvo

Thank you for your information.

  1. I have also verified DW3000 user manual, and there are a graph which is for TX power variation in
    Do you have a official document about TX power variation compared with DW1000 and DW3000?

  2. I did use same channel 5 as 6.5GHz and do you know that reason of DW3000 has lower TX power than DW1000?

Thank you again.

I’d assume the reason for the lower maximum power output is that high power output simply isn’t a design requirement for the part.
Any customers purchasing the part in volume will want to be able to sell the product they are making using it. That means that their transmit power is going to be limited to the maximum allowed by the regulations.
As long as the part can hit that level after allowing for reasonable PCB and antenna losses then there is very little incentive on Qorvo to push for higher power outputs.