Maximum Number of UWB tags on single site

Can we use more than 3000 UWB tags on single-site?. How can we configure the number of hits from anchor to reduce the load on the server?

You should do some more analysis of your system:

  • what configurations do you use (bit rate, premable length etc)?
  • how long are the frames (duration) ?
  • how often are the tags transmitting ?
  • if they randomly transmit will the transmission overlap ?
  • how many tags can anchor hear?
  • how much data will anchors receive per second/minute etc.?

I presume you are using a TDOA system?

We have done it. We have 3000 “digital guides” at a museum being tracked over 43,000 m^2 on 7 floors. They can be locating at 10 Hz.

It will take careful system design that is beyond the generic systems generally offered for sale. When you enter systems of this scale, then it is appropriate to consult with an UWB system vendor to discuss your particulars and needs so you get something that works.

The key metric for your system sounds like it will be the locate capacity, what we call locates per second (LPS) measure. If you want to locate 3000 tags in one small area, and do it at 1 Hz, then you need 3000 locates per second, something we can do. If your area is large, then you get to multiply the capacity from spatial reuse like cell towers. This gets more complicated, but it is how we can cover 100,000 m^2 warehouse and support lots of tags.

There are a lot of questions that go with such a system such as cost, battery life, environmental requirements, location accuracy, size of facility, reliability requirements, anchor count, use case, etc. I would be willing to discuss this with you over the phone if you think that would be helpful.

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You can have advantage of the multi channel and code division capabilities of the DW1000 when designing such a system. However regulations can differ by regions which can limit this approach.

Also have experience with big systems. OK, not as big as Ciholas, but successfully running a 12000m2 system with 700+tags in an industrial environment where some of can emit up up to 5Hz.
If you are in Europe, please contact.