Maximum Data Throughput for DW1000

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During searching for an UWB chipset for reliable short range data communication in a komplex industrial environment we found the comparison of the DW1000 to other standards on the Decawave website. We were extremely happy to see the stated 27Mbps but while reading the user manual and data sheet we got confused by the significantly lower numbers stated there.

I know that the main focus of DW1000 is local positioning, but due to the superior technology it should have strong benefits for our data communication application.

Here is my question: We need to ensure an end to end throughput of at least 1Mbps, better 2Mbps with latency of below 1ms. Is this in principle possible with this chip? What do we have to do?

Any comment is highly appreciated!


The maximum over the air data rate is 6.8 Mb/s but that is for the data portion of the packet, once you allow for headers etc… the maximum usable bandwidth will be lower. How much lower will depend on the packet size.
With larger packets you should be able to get an average rate close to that limit but at a cost of higher latency and lower reliability. Latency will be in part dictated by the time taken to send the packet, larger packets will take longer to send. And the longer the packet the greater the chance of some form of interference that results in a CRC error at which point the whole packet is lost.

That said it should be possible to achieve what you want but not with a massive margin. If you have multiple devices transmitting data (e.g. 10 devices at 100kbps) then getting efficient time multiplexing between them could well be the critical part of the system design. If you only have one transmitter then it would be a lot simpler.

Hi Andy,

thank you for your swift response! This helps a lot.