Max frequency update for TWR

hi all. What is maximum frequency update for TWR only for single tag? I need update every 20ms, is it possible?

As with your question on TDoA the answer is yes, with the correct firmware.
I’ve run point to point TWR at a constant 1 kHz rate.

What do you mean by correct firmware?

Hello Arthur

I believe Andy means the hardware, i.e the DW1000 chip, would be able to do this, but it requires you to write firmware to do this.

I see you tagged this post with “DW1001”. Are you in fact using our DW1000 chip in a “chip down” manner or are you using one of our modules? Since you are talking about a “tag”, I assume you are using our DWM1001 modules.

The firmware we provide on the DWM1001 modules, which is part of the PANS RTLS system, is able to locate a tag with a frequency of up to 10Hz, ergo once every 100 ms. Note that this means TWR with up to 4 anchors and even calculating an absolute position on the tag. See the PANS 2 system overview for more information.

hi. i’m using DW1000 chip + STM32 MCU

If you are using the chip and an STM32 MCU then your hardware is probably quite capable of performing a TWR in under 1 ms.
I can’t be certain since the STM32 series covers a huge range in performance but unless you have something right at the low end it should be fast enough.

The issue will purely come down to the firmware you use and how it structures the range measurements.

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