Making a consumer product using DWM3001C module


I am going to produce a consumer product using DWM3001C module.
And now I am wonder… is this module durable enough to be a component of a daily use product?
Does this module has a long lifespan?
Is it stable when it comes to performing the ranging functionalities?(the noise problem is okay , I mean unexpected errors)

Any answers are welcome!

I don’t think there are any official specs for MTBF or other life span measures but generally it should be OK as long as you’re not putting it in a particularly harsh environment.

Is the ranging stable? Define stable. You will always get occasional dropouts and spurious ranges, no radio system is 100% perfect all of the time. Any system that needs to work reliably will need to cope with and recover from these errors.
Final performance will depend a lot on how you implement the hardware and firmware.

More importantly in order to legally sell a product that contains an intentional radio transmitter you need to perform the appropriate regulatory tests. Exactly what these are depends on the country but for most places either the EU or US specification will cover you. Qorvo application notes APR001, 002 and 003 give more details on this.
The one exception to this is if you use the DWM1001C module and run the PANS firmware. That combination has the appropriate modular approvals and so can be used without the extra testing.
You still need to conform to all the normal emissions / immunity testing but that’s true for any electronic product.