Make text invisible in schematic

Is it even possible? I would be helpful to make text invisible when there are bunch of spice directives in the schematic.

If you are referring to attribute, you can right click on component, show symbol properties, and enable/disable attribute.


No, not attributes in symbol properties but texts (.param …; .step …; etc.)

There’s no option to make text not associated with a symbol invisible on a schematic. It’d sort of be hard to point at it to further edit it or make it visible again.

But you can put a large block of text in a file and replace the text on the schematic with “.inc file.txt”

Or you can make the font smaller so it’s less obtrusive.

But, if you really, really, really want to make it invisible, you can set the color to the same as the background.


Select color for text the same as background…

Hi there,
Thank you for the tips. It’s a really big text block so I put it to a text file and use .include statement. There is kind of side effect when set text color to the same as background. Please note the wires and some components that covered by the ‘invisible’ texts.
It would be nice to have a symbol for text block in which text can be set invisible someday.