LTSpice Symbols in QSPICE

Hey there,

for my project I’d like to use QSPICE as it has the C++/Veriolog capability but I need some symbols like the LTC6090 in QSPICE.

The issue is I can’t get the SPICE model from
I manged to extract the LTC6090 subckt from C:\Program Files\ADI\LTspice\\lib\sub\LTC5.lib (LTC6090 subcrk - and the lables for the subcrk pins from C:\Program Files\ADI\LTspice\\lib\sym\LTC6090.asy (LTC60900 symbol -

But when I paste the subcrk in QSPICE and try to run it, I get this error

Fatal error: Unknown device type: a

And when I put it into a QSpice Symbol and try to run it, I get this error:

Fatal error: Unknown subckt: x1 ¥0 ¥1 ¥2 ¥3 ¥4 ¥5 ¥6 ¥7 x1•ltc6090 com in- in+ v- _tf out v+ _od


How do I resolve this issue?
And/Or is there library with the LTSpice symbols converted into QSPICE symbols?

I have little to none experience with SPICE in general, so keep that in mind.


Is there a goto way to migrate the symbols from LTSpice to QSPICE?

Please go through this post first.

Third Party Model Import Fatal error: Unknown device type: a - QSPICE - Qorvo Tech Forum

Major problem is that LTspice model may consist of A-device (e.g. LTC6090) which is not support in Qspice (but possibly can replace with Qspice Ã-Device and ¥-Device). But it is a tedious process. I will have a look into this part and see anything I can do when I have time.

Thanks for the quick reply, I don’t know how I missed that one…

That’s a bummer :frowning:
But if the A-Devices can only be handled by LTSpice, I’ll have to stick to that :person_shrugging: but as soon as AD allows A-Devies to be used QSPICE I’ll gladly switch back.