Low Power Listening Example

Hi all,

I got a problem. I can put DW1000 chip to low power listening mode. But cannot wake it up from there. I am using DWM1001-Dev. After failing to awaken the chip, I examine the 8a/8b low power listening examples, tried to port them to my codes. But it did not work too. Does anyone have a simple example for this mode with DWM1001, so I can learn what should I do basically to wake it up from low power listening. Thank you very much for those who will help me.


I’m just posting to second the request for input on this issue. I recently coded up section 4.4.1 of the DW1000 user manual and then ran a PingPong test that had previously worked fine, but now nothing happened, the receiver doesn’t wake up when the transmitter sends a message. I’m curious if 4.4.1. actually requires further coding up section 4.5 (low-power sniff mode). Is mere “low-power listening mode” not enough? Do I actually have to engage “sniff mode” also?

Hi guys,

note when DW1000 is in LPL mode, it needs to receive a frame in order to exits the LPL, and then it needs to be re-programmed/re-configured to disable LPL if you do not wish it to continue with LPL. LPL is not the same as sleep/deepsleep. You cannot wake up the device at any time. Please see examples 8a/8b. As you can see in 8a the device receives a frame, then it can do something else (e.g. TX a frame) and then it is put back into LPL mode.

Can you help me solve this problem if I send you the project with the changes I made in TWR example ?

Thank you, although I’m not quite sure what Example 8a and 8b refers to. Figure 8 in the manual by any chance?

I was thinking, along the lines of your first sentence, that I might need to alter the code of the transmitter to repeated resend for long enough to cover the transient “sniffing” period, although I’m also unclear on the distinction between LPL and sniffing modes.


please see download package from Decawave - API and simple examples - this package has a number of examples which include 8a and 8b.


Ah, I had that on my hard drive in fact, but had lost track of it among the numerous DW downloads for the various chips and boards and such. Thanks for the pointer.