Low duty-cycle SNIFF mode

I am successfully using the SNIFF mode on dw1000.
I want to use the Low duty-cycle SNIFF mode and therefore i am setting the bit ARX2INIT in PMSC_CTRL1.
But this has no effect. The SNIFF_OFFT should be in multiples of 6.6us instead of 1us. The SNIFF_OFFT is still in 1us. Therefore i am not sure if the DW1000 is changing to INIT mode after receive attempt and stays there for the SNIFF_OFFT in multiples of 6.6us than changes to IDLE mode and then to RX mode for the SNIFF_ONT.
I guess i have to do further settings of register, or special sequence.
Thank you for replys in advance.

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Please have a look at one of our example Example 2d: low duty-cycle SNIFF mode

example 2a is a variation of where the low duty-cycle SNIFF mode of DW1000 is used. When the receiver is enabled, it begins preamble-hunt mode with the receiver on. In SNIFF mode, the receiver is not on all the time, but is sequenced on and off, with a defined duty-cycle. In this example, these durations are defined to give roughly a 50% duty-cycle, which allows a corresponding reduction in the preamble-hunt power consumption while still being able to receive frames. It is suggested that the simple TX example, from 6.3.1 above, is used as a source of frames to test this.

Note: SNIFF mode reduces RX sensitivity depending on the on and off period configurations. Please see the “Low-Power SNIFF mode” chapter in the DW1000 User Manual [2] for more details.

The examples and the API can be downloaded from https://www.decawave.com/software/

We just updated all the example codes so please download version 2.14

And can be found under: DW1000 Application Programming Interface with STM32F10x Application examples

i looked at the example 2d. but in my opinion this example is describing SNIFF mode (which works for me), but does not describe “low duty cycle SNIFF mode”.
i need longer off phase where the dw1000 is in “init” mode not in “idle” mode.

Yes, I have that question too. Has anyone solved it