Low duty-cycle SNIFF mode Failed

I am successfully using the SNIFF mode on dw1000.
I want to use the Low duty-cycle SNIFF mode and therefore i am setting the bit ARX2INIT in PMSC_CTRL1.
But this has no effect. The SNIFF_OFFT should be in multiples of 6.6us instead of 1us. The SNIFF_OFFT is still in 1us. Therefore i am not sure if the DW1000 is changing to INIT mode after receive attempt and stays there for the SNIFF_OFFT in multiples of 6.6us than changes to IDLE mode and then to RX mode for the SNIFF_ONT.

I looked at the example 2d. but in my opinion this example is describing SNIFF mode (which works for me), but does not describe “low duty cycle SNIFF mode”.

What else should be paid attention to in Low duty-cycle SNIFF mode ?

Thank you for your help


SNIFF and LDC -SNIFF are in detail described in the DW1000 UM, section 4.5

Kind Regards