LotId & PartId read as 0xdeca

When I read the LotId and PartId during initialization, both values are 0xdeca. I was assuming these will be programmed to different values.
Am I missing something or is this intentionally done?

The DeviceID is being read as 0xdeca0130 as specified in the user manual.

The Lot and Part IDs are read from OTP…
#define PARTID_ADDRESS (0x06)
#define LOTID_ADDRESS (0x07)

Do you get 0xdeca on one device, or more devices? They are programmed in the factory and should be “unique” …

I’m getting these on the two Dwm1000 modules I ordered. Since the DeviceID is read fine I’m assuming the SPI functions are correct. Modules manufactured in Feb 2014