Looking for source code of EVK1000 and TREK1000


I am looking for the latest source code of EVK1000 and TREK1000 boards. Could anyone share with me the resources?
I have 4 EVK1000 kits and would like to turn them into a localization system like Geo-Fencing from TREK1000. I look into similar topics here and find my answer - which is to upgrade the firmware of EVK1000 to TREK 2.xx (maybe 2.25 being the latest). The problem is all the download links cited in this forum appear as Decawave is now part of Qorvo which do not work. I further search in Qorvo website and find " The document you requested is for a product EVK1000 that is Discontinued."

Therefore, I would like to ask if anyone can share with me your downloaded resources for TREK1000 and EVK1000, my email is thinhnguyen0168@gmail.com. Thank you for reading.