Looking for input for new project

I have a project where I have a large device that is moving around a large area that has smaller devices moving around.
What I need to do is the large device determines where the other small devices are located relative to the large device (called Master) in my diagram.

I am thinking using the MDEL1001 Modules where the smaller devices have a TAG connected to a radio transmitter (I want longer range than Bluetooth) and is polled from the transmitter to get its location and then send the coordinates over radio link to the large device.
The larger device also has a Tag that is polled for its own location and then conpares its own location with coordinates of all the small devices from radio data.
I am looking at having 6 Anchors and maxium of 10 Tags with response time better than 1 second.

Attached is my diagram, I would like to hear whether this should work ok or not or improvements. (sorry, could not get any attachments to load into post)



Hi David,

MDEK requires a fixed infrastructure “anchors” in order to calculate the position of a tags.

In your system everything is mobile, so except if you’re planning to deploy fixed anchors to cover the area, it is gonna be hard to get the position of any mobile device.

Maybe take a look at this video to understand how it works:

Thank you,