Looking for Asset Tracking HW Solution

Hello, I’m looking for a Commercial HW that provides Industrial Asset Tracking. It’ll be installed in production line (wood pallets) in order to track the process flow and Asset Tracking as well.

So, I would like to get some recommendation for the device itself, but also the Antenna infrastructure too.

Appreaciated your comments! Thank you

You probably need to provide more details - How many items to track, what area needs to be covered, is it indoors, how fast they will pallets be moving etc

In the meantime, take a look at the MDEK1001 - https://www.decawave.com/product/mdek1001-deployment-kit/

Sorry for few details in the first publication. Well, we are just getting started familiar with this solution.

Basically is a 1000 m2 indoor area, it will be approximately 100 wood pallets to tracking simultaneously.

Each wood pallet should get a device ID with battery. The questions is, which Device & Gateway can be applied in the project? Does any product ready to be used or SW development is needed as well ? Is it required multiple antennas for signal triangulation calculation or other technology just simplify it?

Note: Our SW platform needs to get this Device ID and Location in order to show graphically, this type of development will be done by our SW Team (mostly Web).

thank you

We have considerable experience in industrial and warehouse UWB systems. We offer consulting services to help match your expectations with what the technology can do, and just as importantly what it can’t do, and to guide how to best achieve your results. A little bit of expertise applied at the beginning can make a big difference in the outcome.

I’d be happy to arrange a call with you to discuss your application and provide preliminary feedback on the feasibility.

We offer some generic devices, particularly the DWETH anchors and DWTAG tags. Our products can be seen here:


They may not be perfectly suited to your needs out of the box, but we also offer customization services to develop something that works exactly as you need. Most commonly, we develop custom tags as that is the part most in need of being tailored to the task. We design a new custom tag about every month or so lately, so this is a common exercise. Our system can also work with customer designed tags that are using DWM1001 modules.

The DWETH anchors have been used in a wide variety of places, from museums to warehouses. One of the key features is chainable power and Ethernet which reduces wiring by 90% over home run PoE. Up to 12 DWETH101 can be powered on a single chain. This greatly reduces one of the major issues with wired anchors which ultimately are the right solution in most working applications.

Our software produces output in IP packets containing tag ID, time, XYZ location, and location quality. We can also output sensor data such as accel, gyro, mag, and orientation. We can support large numbers of tags operating at high rate.

1000 m^2 area is not a problem, we can build much larger systems.

What is your target update rate? Accuracy? Battery life?

How effective the system will be is determined in large part by the conditions of use, namely where/how the tag is mounted to the pallet, how high the ceilings are in the active space, and the number and nature of the obstructions between tag and anchors.

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