Logging distances/ranges via USB port of multiple tags

I am trying to log data (the position and the distances of the tag to the anchors) of multiple tags via a tag or anchor that is connected to a USB port. Therefore, I use consulted the manual (https://www.decawave.com/sites/default/files/mdek1001_system_user_manual.pdf) chapter 8. I was able to get data from a tag that is connected to the computer via USB. If I configured the tag as active (using the command nmt) I could get the position and the distances of that ONE tag connected to the computer. Using the command nmp in order to set the tag as a passive anchor or using the command nmtl I could only get the position of ALL the tags in the network (the connected one and the other active tags moving around). In the manual on page 18 section 6.4 it is pointed out that you can only collect position information using the passive mode.
My question now is how to be able to get the distances and positions of multiple tags via USB? Is there another firmware oder a trick?
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You need to configure one TAG as Listener (Passive Node), connect this TAG to a computer and use the “les” command

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I have done this. Thus, I can read out the positions of the active tags but there seems to be no possibility to get the distances or? Is there a firmware that enables reading out distances and positions of the active tags via a listener?
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If you have the position of a tag you can calculate the distance between Tag and other point.

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I’m update this thread as some customers have been asking similar question over mail and it’s easier to publish a public answer.

In PANS architecture, a tag ranges to 3 or 4 anchors and calculates its position using those ranges.

Only the tag is aware of its position and its distances to anchors.

In order to let other device (such as a listener) aware of its position, the tag will broadcast its last known position in the next ranging exchange (over UWB)

The tag does not broadcast ranges over UWB but only position. This is the reason why a listener does not display the ranges.

In order to get the ranges there are the following alternatives and solutions:

  • Directly get the range from the tag itself over UART or SPI interface
  • Connect to the tag over BLE as it broadcast both position and range over BLE
  • Create a user app on the tag, in which it sends its ranges to anchors in the iot_data. This data can be received with a gateway.

For the last point, Decawave actually already provides an example in which the tag send its range in iot-data. Please have a look at the Gateway Quick Deployment guide document as well as the system architecture for more information regarding the gateway deployment and the overall system.

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