Logarithmic axis

Is it possible to set the left and right values of a logarithmic x-axis outside the entire decade? E.g. 2e-3, 20, etc. Isn’t functioning properly for me.

This is an example of the issue. It is an analysis of the effect of collector current on hFE. I stepped I1 in the analysis and then changed the quantities on the x-axis to ic(Q1) in the graphs. I want to change the axis’s range so there are no blank parts. Unfortunately, this is impossible, and even if I specify on the x-axis that it should be max 5 A (and min 300u), nothing happens. Such an output is not suitable for use in a publication.

Works for me. Try to set manual limits or use zoom to fit.

Thank you for your reply.

However, you configured the axis to cover the entire decade, which works correctly. Try to change the left range to 300u and the right range to 0.2…does not work.


You’re right, you can’t set it up like that, 300e-6 and 0.2

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@KSKelvin @Engelhardt Could you please take a moment to review this?

@VilemK :sweat_smile: I am just a user same as you. A workaround is to export data and plot with other software. I agree log scale in waveform viewer is not that user definable.

Official place to report a bug is email to Mike, his email is in Qspice HELP > F.A.Q. > Bug Reporting.

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Then a big thank you for arranging all those guides.