Location of one of the tag

We are using MDEK1001 kit. We have four anchors positioned in 8mx2.25m dimensions. At certain locations within the rectangle we see tag position (both in android app and using host api) varies quite a bit (around 50-60cm). Other locations tag position seems to be fine. We use 3-4 tags. Any idea what we should be looking at?

Hi Jannam,

Are you sure your anchors position are very accurate en Representative of the deployment ?

Do you have LOS conditions between tag and anchors ?


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Hello Yves,

There is clear LOS between tag and anchors.

Also, we have checked the coordinates of the anchors. It is accurate. When you say very accurate, how accurate that needs to be set? in mm accuracy or cm accuracy?

Please let me know.

Hi Jannam,

Centimeters should be sufficient (It’s not really realistic to have a mm anchor placement in a real world deployment, centimeter is hard enough to achieve.)

When you say certain location, can you elaborate a bit more ? Are they near the border of the area delimited by anchors ?


Thanks. Anchor locations are cm accurate. It is not at the border of the area. We saw issues for one of the tags almost at the middle of the field of deployment (middle of the rectangle 8x2.25m). Out of the four tags, only one of them have issues in accuracy. Others tags are fine. (tags are arranged in a small rectangular shape too…70cm x 90cm).
When we swap the problemetic tag and non-problemetic tags, we see that problemetic tag starts giving accurate results and non-problemetic tag starts giving inaccurate position. This looks more or less position dependent within the area of deployment. Any idea?

I mean the tags are not at the border of the area of deployment.

Hello, Any update on this issue. We still are having this issue. Any suggestions would be appreciated.