Location Engine


In some area the location engine gets disabled on tag node. what could be reason for it. My test area is 7*7 meter room with 20 person working on it.

Also any documents available on TDMA implementation on DWM1001.



can you please give more details? When you say “disabled”, you mean the tag does not report location / LE failed to calculate location?

Can you log the tag ranges to anchors and LE output, and see how the ranges change as the tag moves, are the ranges to each anchor accurate?

All the docs are provided on the website in the DWM1001 package.

Thanks for the reply Zoran,

In some areas “p_evt->data.loc.p_pos” is returning zero (means LE is disabled as per my understanding) .

Will do this. So if range is not accurate LE won’t work?