Locating a tag with anchors(no need to listener)

[color=#454545][size=large][font=.SF UI Text][size=x-large][font=.SFUIText]As mentioned in the mdek1001 documentation, there must be some listener tags that get location data from tags and send these data to PC via a serial communication. So i must locate many listener tags among anchors! Is there any way that the anchors themselves connect to a server (or each other) via network or serial communication and location of tags can be accessible from the server?[/font][/size][/font][/size][/color]

Release 2 of MDEK SW (PANS SW) will allow device to be configured as gateways (on RPi) and send the tag location via network to PC.
In Release 1 you have to use Listeners (and connect to PC), anchors cannot to this.