Localization using DWM3001CDK

I am going to track the position of a robot using DWM3001CDK. I figured out how to build the CLI application hex file and observed the calculated UWB parameters such as distance, responder address and so on. Now I want to send those data (distance, address … ) from DWM3001CDK boards to my laptop over Bluetooth or any other method. I am going to use three anchors and I need to send the UWB calculated parameters between those anchors and tag to a central unit like PC over Bluetooth or any other method.

If anyone has suggestion I would really appreciate. Thanks in Advance!!!


I am new with DWM3001CDK. How did you program the board?
Are there any drivers, board device tree file or documantation online?
This would be really helpfull for me.


Hi @lutfusirac ,

You can find DWM3001CDK SDK package here https://www.qorvo.com/products/d/da008604

The package contains:

  • Binary and Source code of CLI (Command Line interface) version.
  • Binary and Source code of UCI (Universal Command Interface) version to be used together with QorvoOne GUI or with Python Scripts provided inside the package.
  • Documentation on getting started with DWM3001CDK.

Hi @Kavindu_Shehan ,

Maybe you can get inspired/reuse code from QNI release in which there is bluetooth communication between DWM3001CDK and iPhone.

Hi @Wassim_Qorvo , Thank you very much for your suggestion. One thing I wanted to know, how do we get the data over uart pins in dwm3001CDK instead of usb. Do I need to do some modifications in the CLI code?