LM5030 model for simulation

HI I need lm5030 mode can you help?

Just change name from LM5030.lib.txt to LM5030.lib and drag and drop into qspice.

LM5030.lib.txt (7.3 KB)

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One question, how to add this to the library model?
And can this be completely simulated for push pull converter circuit?

Mike Engelhardt has a tutorial about “Importing 3rd Party Models into QSPICE”
QSPICE™ Simulator - Qorvo - VIDEOS

I believe what @ivan1 gave you is from TI website, and it is version 1.1 LM5030 model, by unzip snvm017.zip > LM5030_PSPICE > LM5030_PSPICE_031910 > Example > LM5030.lib

This is a Pspice model and normally can also be used by generic spice simulators including Qspice.
But the example circuit built with LM5030 from TI is only for Pspice and you may have to start from scratch in using it from other spice platform.

the QSPISE It does not have most models of the models for simulation

pc817-tl431-mbr20200- Current transformer
Is my software library not complete?
I need these models can you help me?

I worked on TL431 and PC817 embedded subckt symbol for Qspice, and you can download from my Github
Qspice/Symbols/MFG at main · KSKelvin-Github/Qspice

Here is a .model for MBR20200CT, you can verify if this model close to datasheet
Index of /Spice_Model_CD/Vendor List/Motorola/Spice/Rectifier/Schottky (ltwiki.org)

can you simulation Qspice lm5030 for push pull converter?
please give me all data for this ic.
thank you

Your question has already been answered above.