We have five dwm1001-dev module and setup a network with 1 tag, 3 anchor( 1 as initiator) and 1 listener. The listener is connected to a raspberry pi board. In the shell mode we can get the output of location engine by execute the “les” command.

In the generic mode ( uart communication) we could not get any information about tag movement or location.

How could get the tag location in generic mode?

Hi amm,

It should be fine using the tlv commands over UART.

Are you sure you are sending the right commands? Is the dwm1001-dev returning nothing at all on the uart line? It should return an error code at least.


Hi Yves

We use TLV commanding to get response, the response will received, the response contains the location of the listener itself, and the location of tag didn’t received.

we have 4 anchor, 1 as initiator, 1 as listener, and a tag which moved.
The listener is connected to a raspberry PI board in UART generic mode with TLV commanding communication.

how could get the LE calculated position of tag?