Listener to Tag Communication Max Distance

We configured 4 anchors, two tags, 1 Listener. I am trying to get tags information from listener using “les” command. It works well when the tag is very near (<1 meter distance). If tag is away from listener beyond 1 meter, listener is not receiving the data from tag.

All the anchors are placed in 6x6 meter distance area. withing that area i want to track the tag information using listener, but i am not able to receive the data after 1 meter away from listener.

I have tested both responsive mode and non responsive modes. there is not difference.

  1. Why is the coverage from listener is very less.
  2. is there a way to increase the BLE power to get more distance from listener to tags. or is it some thing else ?


Hi Stalin,

  1. This behavior is not expected. 1 meter is way shorter than what it should be. The Listener should hear the Tag messages in the 6*6 meter room with no problem. Can you change a node to be the Listener and see if it still works only within 1meter range?

  2. The Listener listens to the UWB messages from Tags in the air. The BLE connection is only between the Listener and the Android App .


Hi Weibo,

Thanks for your reply.
As suggested by you we have changed the Listener to another node and also tried to configure both as Anchor and Tag with UWB passive option To configure the node as listener.
Still we are getting same 1 meter distance.

Kindly Suggest us a way out of it.


Hi Stalin,

Can you please send some picture of your setup. What kind of condition do you have between tags and node ? Are they in LOS conditions ?