Listener (pasive mode DWM 1001) limits?

I wonder if there are any hidden limitations (which I will not reveal during demonstration testing) of the DWM1001 in passive mode (listener). For example

  1. Is there a limit the number of tags whose position is listening throu UART (e.g. max.5 same as BLE proxy position, limit throughput UART… )?
  2. Suppose, the range is the same as the gateway (RPI).
  3. Suppose, the number of listeners is not limited.

Thank you in advance for any information.

I have the same doubt, which is the difference between the listener mode and the bridge node?.
Because as much I know the bridge node could be only implemented using the Raspberry, while the listener is more general.
Someone could help us please?

Thank you in advance.

I think, listener only listen PANS superframe and send position data from TWR slots of tags around (in range of listener), nothing more. It was probably intended as a demo, but for obtaining position data from the PANS should be sufficient. I just don’t know if there are any restrictions.

I test PANS with 12 nodes, In configuration one anchor, 11 tags, I get position information (naturally NaN ) from all 11tags (10Hz rate). The disadvantage is that listener the data send in text mode without crc, and sometimes some damage occurs.


  1. I think it can report up to 15 tags over uart, I don’t think there is a limit but i haven’t really tried with that many tags. That would corresponds to each slot of the superrame beeing occupied.

  2. Range is the same as gateway.

3, There is not limit in number of listener.

Kind regards

The limit of 15 tags will definitely be at rate 10Hz (all positions in the superframe are occupied).
I would be very interested in how many tags the listener sends the position if there are more than 15 of them and the update rate is less than 10Hz (e.g. 0,5s) - tags is more than 15 but not occupied all positionsm in superframe.
Couldn’t anyone try it? I have only 14 nodes.

Regards, Daniel