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Hi all

I am using DWM1000 for indoor navigation. I used to keep the tag in my pocket and the data are shared via bluetooth from tag .Some time i am not getting exact range report from tag . It is giving zero values. Is there any register configuration in DWM1000 to optimize NLOS issues

Now i am using the configuration mentioned below

                     2              // channel
                    DWT_PRF_16M,    // prf
                    DWT_BR_6M8,    // datarate
                    4,             // preambleCode
                    DWT_PLEN_128,   // preambleLength
                    DWT_PAC8,       // pacSize
                    0,       // non-standard SFD
                    (129 + 8 - 8) //SFD timeout

TX power 0x1F1F1F1F

Hi dhanraj,

I would recommend you to look at the application note below that gives a lot of indication about how to handle non los issues :

Let me know if you have any other questions,
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Dear Yves,

Do you know if there is an updated document for DWM1001 module? or it is also applicable?


Hi David,

The documents above à apply to any product using decawave UWB technology (dw1000) , including the DWM1001.

Keep in mind that the DWM1001 is designed for channel 5, and that the rf configuration of PANS cannot be modified.