'lep' and 'les' commands output

I get this when I issue ‘lep’ command:

dwm> POS,0,0921,1.85,2.44,0.42,79,x09

What is 79 and what is x09 ?

Also when I issue ‘les’ command, I get this:
dwm> les
dwm> [005827.500 INF] loc_data: 1
0) 0921[1.86,2.42,0.53,79,x09]

  • What is loc_data: 1? (that repeats itself)
  • Why the MDEK System User Manual 1.2 on Page 36 displays this output of les command thaqt I never get? (although I do have a single Tag)


79 is the quality factor.


What is 79 and what is x09 ?


As afeef has answered, 79 is quality factor.

x09 is the TWR slot number. As was introduced in DWM1001_System_Overview-2.0, in Figure 6: Superframe structure in page 16. There are 15 TWR slots: 0-14. This x09 indicates which of these 15 slots is used for the corresponding ranging/locationing.


What is it used for? That is, why is it important to get this piece of info out?
What practically can I do with it?

Quality factor basic determines the error in data. If quality factor is below 50 then the data error can be up to 50cm.

Quality factor indicates the reliability of the derived location, giving an idea how good the result is evaluated by the firmware system itself.

TWR slot number indicates the usage of the TWR slots in the superframe, helping understand the usage / occupation of the superframe and assign the devices.


At the top level where I get the data on the PC I have no real use for slots info…
Otherwise what action I should take when seeing these numbers?

You don’t need to use it. It’s there just for your information. You can ignore it.


i have another question. Is there a way to output the TWR Time Data (Tx and Rx) with ther Terminal too ?