Lec output in CSV format using a listener - Which information is contained?

Hello together,
I have a setup containing several anchors, one tag and a listener that is connected to the computer. I was able to get a comma separated output using lec on my computer. This output has the following structure:
I am wondering 1) why I don’t get the distances as this is the expected output according to the manual and 2) what those comma separated values stand for. What does x06 and 99 stand for and what does that 0 (the second value) mean? C704 is the name of the tag and -0.20, 9.63, 1.92 are the x,y and z coordinates of the tag.
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Hi blubbus,

The listener does not receive the distance to anchors. It is only aware of the tag’s position.
In order to get the distances, you need to run lec directly on the tag.


The 99 corresponds to the quality factor, x06 is a counter.
I think the 0 would increase if there are more than one tag reported by the listener. Not 100% about that one, maybe try to add another tag and I would expect to see the first tag with 0, and the second with 1 but I may be wrong, I haven’t used this feature in a while.


should the x06 always stay the same over minutes of measurement? What does this counter count?
Yes, you were right that the 0 is the “number” of the tag and increases using multiple tags.
Thanks for that reply!

Hi Bubbus,

I thought the last field was a counter but if it does not increase, it may be something else.

It is not essential to extract tag’s position so it should not block you. I’ll try to see what it corresponds to when I have a chance.