Lec/lep/les and different modes


Working with DWM1001 dev kit and trying to establish location data being sent to the Mosquitto server on the pi.

I’m trying to debug what will probably turn out to be a problem caused by rookie soldering. While I’m doing that, I’ve found a couple of things I don’t understand.

  1. Would you expect lec/les/lep commands to return data in the shell for all 3 modes (tag, anchor, bridge). I see it when shelled into a tag, but not a bridge.

  2. When I run nmb to change to bridge mode, it is no longer visible in the android app (when refreshed). Is that expected behaviour?

  3. When I run nmb, I don’t get a return message or acknowledgement. It just hangs until I press enter a few times. Is that expected behaviour?


PS. I’ve had a good old poke around pi logs and these commands so if I’ll post my debug tips here for others too in a while.