'lec' and 'apg' commands simultaneously in Python

I have been experimenting with connecting a Tag Module and establishing a Serial connection between the Tag and a Pi(or at time a computer). From here i’ve been able to use a command line terminal (puTTY or TeraTerm) and can enter the commands “apg” or “lec” to get the tags position. I’ve then taken this a step further and used a Python editor to write code to do this and have added additional functions in this code such as measuring the acceleration. I am now wondering if there is a way to enter both commands( ‘lec’ and ‘apg’) at the same time. Particularly if I were to use multiprocessors?

Hi @gakrion78
I cant hep you with Python. But shell is designed as a machine to human interface. You should not use it for machine - machine communication. There is Binary API which you should use - DWM1001-API-Guide.pdf, look after dwm_loc_get command.