Latest Firmware Source Code for TREK1000


Can someone please show me where I can download the latest firmware source code for the TREK1000 evaluation kit. The Qorvo website only provides a download link for the EVK1000 firmware source code.

I would greatly appreciate any help. Thank you.


Unfortuantely, this is not available anymore.

@Wassim_Qorvo So this basically means that I can throw my TREK1000 into the trash bin ?


Let me check, and will come back to you.

@Wassim_Qorvo Hi, thank you for your efforts. Any update on whether I can throw my boards in the garbage can or if you can provide the source code package, which surely must be available somewhere in your internal archives?

Hi FirstDragon,

The hardware for the TREK1000 consist of 4 EVB1000. You can download the EVK1000 package below and use it on the TREK1000 hardware:

Software package:

You can use this source project as a starting point for you own development and add the support for two more devices, as well as tri-lateration calculation if this is what you’re interested in.

As stated by Wassim, the family of EVB / EVK / TREK is now discontinued and we usually redirect our customers to different family of development kits for technology evaluation.

If you wish you can give us more detail on what you want to achieve and we can redirect you to a more suitable kit for technology evaluation.

What I want to do is very simple. I want to flash the TREK1000 firmware to my TREK1000 boards as the firmware has been eraesed. The EVK1000 firmware is different. I begin to wonder how hard it can be to provide an archived copy of the latest TREK1000 firmware?

Best regards



do you have any update with regards to whether I can throw my TREK1000 evaluation kit in the trash, or if you could kindly provide me with the firmware that is safely stored in your archive so that I can quickly reflash it and make good use of it?