Large area with many consumers on MDEK

Hello, I have practical task to deploy your RTLS system on MDEK in area of 300 square meters and with 100 consumers (tags) therein. What are the ways to do this? What is the maximum rate which can be provided for abovementioned task by MDEK modules? And the last question how to scale this system? Thanks for answers in advance

Hi Nikita,

Please have a look at the system overview and performance document for more details about the capacity.

The maximum rate supported by PANS is 10Hz. At that update rate it supports 15 tags in the same area. If the network is very large, there you will potentially be able to reuse slots, and you could achieve x*15 tags at 10Hz (only for large network).

The scaling rules are explained in the system overview documents. There is no direct answer, it is mainly some field experience with the technology that the user must develop.

Thank you,