Know when Tag is out of range in C code

Hi, i want to know how can i get the condition when a Tag is out of range of 3 Anchors to calculate de pos, I saw in the API pdf about : "If the current position of the node is not available, the default position previously set by dwm_pos_set will be returned. " But a tag is not “set” with any pos previously.

When i see the Tag out of range in the MQTT Broker , the position is “NaN”.

I want to do something like this:

if ( Condition_Out_of_range_of_3Anchors )

Hi Franco,

unfortunately it is not straightforward to solve it. The API documentation text you have sent is incorrect. When current position is not available (either there were less than 3 measurements, LE could not calculate position using the 3+ measurements or the LE is disabled) NaN values would be returned.

One of the solution would be to write an user application to send a flag indicating the amount of measurements or distances in the IOT data.