Keil-compatible USB programming module

Having first good results with the DWM1001-DEV in combination with the Keil MDK project, we now want to develop our own hardware.

Can someone recommend a Keil-compatible device for programming the DWM1001 (nrf52) via USB? Our hardware would not include the USB/SWD chip that is found on the DEV board.
Or can we somehow use the DEV board to program external DWM1001s?


The Segger JLINK-OB is the debugger that ships on the DWM1001-DEV.
You can buy a professional version of J-Link direct from Segger or one of their Disti’s.
Other options for Keil are ULINK2 or Pro.


BTW - Segger Embedded Studio IDE is a good option to consider as it is free to use (no code limit) on nRF based products. Our GitHub has some example projects for Embedded Studio.