Joining a network through dwm api


I’m using mdek1001 kit for indoor positioning demo.

With raspberry pi b3, dwm1001_host_api work fine.

However, I notice that I can’t configure nodes into a new network. There is no API allow me to do that in raspberry pi.

For now there is only one way is Using Decawave DRTLS Manager in Android , with bluetooth, to set the nodes to join a new network(with a new network id and setting an anchor-initiator).

I want to do that in raspberry pi, but not the bluetooth way. Is there any API that neglected by me or will be release in the feature? :-/


It is currently missing and will be in the next release.

Thank you,

Hi Yves.
Thank you for replying!

I have another uncertainty that need your help.

For example:
In Shell mode, I can use lec (for listener) to achieve results of tags near by it. Also, I can found its addr of uwb0 in the output of si command. There is no such other APIs to do that for now.

Is those feature(APIs) be plan to be added in the next release? It would be nice that if the answer is yes. :smiley: