Issues with modifying DWM3001CDK's sample firmware for iOS communication

I have a question about the contents of ‘DWM3001CDK_SDK_Developer_Guide_0.1.1.pdf’ by Qorvo.

I want to modify the sample firmware using CLI_Build to resolve the issue of the firmware designed for communication with iOS not being able to connect to more than two iPhones. However, as stated in ‘Guide_0.1.1’, when I connect the USB cable to J9 and set up the serial_port in TeraTerm, ‘JLink CDC UART Port’ is searched for in ‘New connection’, but after that, the cursor just blinks and no commands can be entered, and there is no response at all.

If I connect the cable to J20, the serial port is not searched for. Do I need to use a different firmware included in the SDK instead of the sample firmware? If so, do I have to implement all the settings for communication with iOS myself?

for me, on initial power up, you need to flash something via j9 connector. the binaries are provided.

I used the Jflash-lite tool as described and it flashed successfully
then I move cable to the J20 usb connector and was able to send commands/receive output.

i wasn’t able to make to work with apple U1

I then flashed the board with the sdk V3 binary using j9…

now it IS compatible with Apple u1.
and Qorvo provides a sample Apple App to show how it works.

the difficulty with more than one phone concurrently is a bluetooth problem…
when one host is connected, another host scanning will not see the engaged remote.

you can show this with two iphone/android and have both scan… both with see the device
connect with one
then refresh on the other and the cdk board will be gone.

the v3 binary does not enable the serial port functions on j20.