Issues with Current Measurement using “.meas” Command

  1. The current measured through the resistor appears to be incorrect.

  2. For inductors with a parallel capacitance (“para C”), the current measurement does not include the current through the “para C”. This seems to be incorrect. For capacitors with a parallel resistance (“para R”), the current measurement includes the current through the “para R”. This is correct.
    (LTSpice includes both the “para C” and “para R” currents in its measurements.)

Yeah, sorry about that.

I swapped out compilers for the post processor in the interest of added some new functionality and resistor alias evaluation got broke.

Should be all fixed now if you update now.

Sorry about the inconvenience.


Thank you, Mike. I appreciate you fixing the issue.

Now, the current measurement through the resistor works fine. However, the second issue remains unresolved. The current measurement of L1 only reads the inductor current and does not include the “para c” current.

Was this intentional?

I just revised the current monitoring. The displacement current through the inductors self capacitance should show up now.

Many thanks. It works fine!