Issue with Responsive Mode

Hello Everyone,

I have recently had a board assembled using the DWM1001c chip.

Please see uploaded picture of the board.

It’s been flashed with the correct firmware and picked up by the Android app using bluetooth, and seems to be working perfectly with location data using both the Android App and also the DRTLS Web Manager. I’ve now switched off bluetooth and monitoring just using the DRTLS Web Manager.

My question is whenever I switch off Responsive Mode, I get no location data whatsoever no matter what I do. All the position readings show ‘NaN’.

I have 2 other tags on the same network which are the MDEK development boards and they all work fine with Responsive Mode off.

Does anyone know what could be the reason causing this?

Also, once you switch off Responsive Mode, there is no way to change any settings at all using the DRTLS Web Manager. It seems all communication with the chip seems to be lost. The only way to get it back up and running is to re-flash the chip with the original firmware to get back to the original default settings (with Responsive Mode on and Bluetooth on, etc).

Thanks in advance for your help.



In Responsive Mode I get constant location updates but when Responsive Mode is off I don’t even get a single update, just ‘NaN’.

Is this some configuration setting or a hardware issue? Could one of the pins of the DWM1001c be incorrectly set on the board?

With the DWM1001-DEV development boards, they all work perfectly with Responsive Mode off.

Any help really appreciated.

Thank you.


If someone could respond would really appreciate it as I’m pretty stuck on this and need to move forward with this.

Thank you so much.


Hi @Sunny
in responsive mode the device is powered on all the time and all interfaces are active all the time. When you turn off the responsive mode the device wakeup up for TWR and then fall back to sleep. With the regard to the measurements there should not be any difference. My experience is that there might be a powering issue - in the sleep mode it consumes typically very little current and then it jump up to 150mA and back to tenths of uA. Some power sources does not like this approach. Try to add more caps at the power lines.

Regarding the returning from the non responsive mode) Turn off the device for a while and then turn it back on - this should enable the BLE for a cca 20s so you should be able to connect to it via your Android device. Once the connection is initiated it will not fall asleep.