Issue creating a rpi 3b bridge

I use the PANS with a RPI 3B+ and DWM1001 configured in bridge mode and all it’s ok (i use only wi-fi).
However, since it is required to use the RPI 3B v1.2 I purchased this device and tried to make a gateway with this, but after load the image (Release 2) it not start.
I use a class 10 16gb card.

EDIT: i find that the issue is in the SD card, the old SD work in the new RPI 3B, and the new SD not work in the RPI B3+ which previously working.

I tried to use another sd of the same brand of the new SD and not work, it’s possible that the issue is the SD brand?


Hi Blue,

There is an issue with some SD card, I;'d recommend a 32Gb and a raspberry pi 3b.

The 3b+ may introduce some issues due to the new ethernet controller.


thanks for the advice, on the documentation I had read 16gb, and in fact a 16GB SD card of another brand work fine.
I know that rpi 3b+ is not supported but if you don’t use the ethernet it work good