Is this normal operation of a Ryzen 9 7900X running QSPICE?

Dear QSPICE user. I wanted to see if any of you have a AMD Ryzen 9 7900X. When I run Qspice when I monitor my performance of my CPU using the Task manager, the CPU cycles from 7% to 100%. Does anyboby know if this is normal or is there a problem with my computer or is it QSPICE?
Any information you can share would be appreciated.

Do you hear the fans come on? Have a look at the CPU temperatures. There are many good tools on-line.

Yes, I can hear the fans on. I also have control over the speed of the fans. I will check the CPU temperature and report back.

Do you only get the spikes when running a simulation, or also during schematic capture?

For most simulations, there’s usually only 6 threads and three processes. However, the .bode command will use all the hardware you got.

No I do not see the spike during the schematic capture. Only when simulating.