Is there any difference between Android Ranging Session and Qorvo's example program Ranging Session?

I’m developing android app with qorvo’s dw3210.
And here’s my google issue: Google Issue Tracker

I set RangingParameters in Android example app named ‘UWB Jetpack Example’ maunally.

RangingParameters rangingParameters = new RangingParameters(
                    uwbProfileId, //1  
                    sessionId,  //random int in 10000-50000 and send by 'transmitUwbPhoneConfigData'
                    sessionKey,  //null
                    uwbComplexChannel,  // 9 11
                    listUwbDevices, //device address such as '78:ED'  received by 'configureUwbRaningSession()' and uwbDeviceConfigData.
                   // RangingParameters.RANGING_UPDATE_RATE_INFREQUENT
                    RangingParameters.RANGING_UPDATE_RATE_AUTOMATIC //and I also tested INFREQUENT but still got RangingResultPeerDisconnected

I noticed that Android’s Ranging Session only needs RangingParameters. But there’s no other variable subparameter, just sessionId and accessory address in ‘listUwbDevices’.
sessionId will send to accessory by transmitUwbPhoneConfigData().
The mac address will received by accessory in configureUwbRaningSession().
Both of them are two bytes array. such as ‘78:ED’.

But still getting ‘RangingResultPeerDisconnected’ and the program stuck.
The only reason I thought is difference between Android’s Ranging Session and Qorvo’s Ranging Session which is supported by iOS.
Both of two session code are compiled, so I can’t realize and change the problem.

So, where can I get the details with NDA signing? Or it’s unvailable, even if signing NDA by company’s name.


Hi Sakuranda,

If I understand correctly, you are trying to reuse the QNI package, but interface the DW3000 device with an android device rather than an Iphone.

I’m afraid this is not possible for now. If you need the details of the QNI session, you will need to apply to the NI MFI program with Apple.

So there’s nothing compatiable application between DW3000 and android device?
Thanks for your help.

At the moment there is a bit of a gap indeed.

One option is to use the QM33 SDK0.1.1 and develop a custom BLE out of band with nordic SDK on top of the UWB fira application. Here you would have full control on the FiRa parameters, but there is a bit of development involved on the nrf52840 target.

Note that we’re planning to have Android support but it’s not quite ready yet unfortunately.

A gap is. an understatement…
I’ve been asking for Android support from Qorvo for over two years!
See Ranging Pixel 6 Pro AndroidX UWB to DWM3000EVB
So don’t expect anything.
We have gone to use UWB beacons from Estimote, as they actually work with Android!

Hi Meavy,

It’s tricky to provide a solution for Android as there is no standard pushed by android makers (Google) such as what exists with Newton and the MFI.

Estimote are a partner and have an Android compatible solution indeed.

You can find an extended list of Qorvo partners on our website: