Is there any Antenna array design? PCB antenna or Chip antenna, for AoA using DW3220?


We are interested to design AoA system design to implement in one of our upcoming product in smart home using DW3220.

But we are not able to find the Antenna Array design for the same , (PCB or Chip antenna), can anyone please support how to get a prototype ready for AoA HW as well as FW. we do have DW3220 ICs with us.

Thank you

here a link to the discontinued PDoA kit. It has design files for Ch5 PDoA antenna and tag antenna that you can use as a starting point.

Hi @Matthias ,

Thanks for your reply, yes we do have this files with us before the launch of DW3000, and as your suggestion we are considering it as starting point as prototype development.

We need DW3220 SDK for PDoA, we will initially test the pcb antenna array design from the previous " discontinued PDoA kit" but for firmware we will need SDK for 3220, will you please take a moment to share?

Hi Matthias,
The link can’t be used.will you please take a moment to share other link?

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